Garden Accessories and Gifts

"Kneelo" Knee Pads
Product ID : 851
Extra comfortable knee pads stay on your knees while kneeling & walking.
"Kneelo" Kneeling Cushions
Product ID : 850
Kneelo™ kneeling cushion is made with memory foam, making it superior to...
Dog Bowls
Product ID : md702
Traveling, collapsible pet bowls for on the go pets
Expandable Vases
Product ID : 560
"Fun to Use" expandable vases. More patterns coming.
Gardeners Apron
Product ID : 238
Gardener's Apron with loads of pockets
Gardeners Phone Pack & Tool Belt
Product ID : 236
Lightweight tool belt for gardeners
Hexagonal Garden Labels & stakes (Single Line)
Product ID : 853
Engraved garden label with stake
Hexagonal Garden Labels (Two Lines)
Product ID : 854
2-line engraved garden labels
Product ID : ml701
Expandable luminary lanterns set the mood in any space. Add water and the...
The Crazed Rosarian FREE Newsletter
Product ID : 999
Formerly, The Georgia Rose and it is the best rose newsletter ever!
Vase and Flower Carrier
Product ID : 411
Hook your vase up to the best vase and flower transporter we've seen.
Easy Arranger 3 pack
Product ID : 525
Easy Arranger's beginner's set creates beautiful arrangements in a snap!
Easy Arranger Gift 5 pack with Gems
Hot Deal
Product ID : 526
5 sizes and a bit of "bling" gems to add sparkle to your arrangements.
Easy Arranger Easy Grid "Invisibles"
Product ID : 527
6 inch and 8 inch almost Easy Grids make perfect arrangements "invisibly".