Garden Lamps

THE STORY....Our lamps are fair trade, made in a village in the Phillipines. Handmade lamps are custom made to order with eco-friendly, sustainable leaves from Philipine trees. Each handmade lamp is made from fossilized leaves of the cocoa, banyan, jackfruit or alibangbang trees in the Philipines. The fossilization technique is amazing, slow and only 20% of the leaves become part of these gorgeous lamps and each lamp is a little different.
Tabletop, pendant, wall lamps and sconces, and free-standing floor lamps are stunning and crafted to last.
The outdoor lamps sport a closed electrical system that allows them to live outside rain or shine--just bring them inside before it freezes outside. But, they are so pretty and make such a statement  that you just might want to use them inside also.
The lamp colors are stunning and we have different lamps coming in throughout the month. Call for availability dates of your favorite lamps.
Enlightened Gecko Indoor Table Lamp
Product ID : 305
Flow Giant Floor Lamp
Product ID : 569
Flowerbud Indoor Floor Lamp
Product ID : 568
Gecko Indoor Wall Lamp with cord
Product ID : 396
Hourglass Indoor Lamp
Product ID : 553
Jellyfish Indoor Lamp
Product ID : 399
Leaflet Outdoor-Indoor Table Lamp
Product ID : ol695
Outdoor Butterfly Table Lamp
Product ID : ol479
Outdoor/Indoor Cylinder Lamp
Product ID : ol615
The Wave Floor Lamp
Product ID : 457