Everything to keep your tools in great condition...
Diamond-Edge Sharpener
Product ID : 314
Fine and coarse diamond edges with easy grip and 6 inch handle.
Diamond-edge XL Sharpener
Product ID : 316
Deluxe XL sharpener for small and large tool sharpening
B Oil
Product ID : 233000
A lightweight, multi-use machine oil for hi-tech pruners and lopper.
Pruner Pouch
Product ID : 234
Pruners fit snugly and stay close in this pouch sized for any Barnel pruners.
Replacement Blades
Product ID : 232
Replacement blades for B7 and B8 pruners last as long as the original.
Spring & Bumper
Product ID : 231
Replacement spring/bumper for B7 and B8 high-tech pruners.