More tools

Pruners, saws, sharpeners and more make gardening a pleasure.
Folding Pruning Saw
Product ID : 312
Folding saw. Tri-edge Tiger Tooth saw.
Hori-Hori Knife
Product ID : 1070
Dig-dig. You'll love this tool!
Trowel-Cultivator 3 pc Kit
Product ID : B6012
Ergonomic cultivator garden set.
Needle-nose pruner
Product ID : 227
Needle-nose pruner with a long blade
Horticultural Scissors w/ Sheath
Product ID : 315
Practical scissors with small, sharp blades and protective snap-on sheath.
Arranger's Snip
Product ID : 228
6.5 inch light use snip with narrow, stainless steel blade.