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The Rose Gardener Garden Shop

Come Garden With Us and take away your pains while gardening! The Rose Gardener is the result of a personal search for hand-healthy products for my husband who had overused his hands maintaining gardens in Rose Gardens by Ryan, his rose business. Now, we work with all gardeners and specialize in the few garden products we found that consistently reduced his gardening pains due to the repetitive motions of pruning (carpal tunnel syndrome) or arthritis and gloves that have kept him and many others out of pain from the previously constant thorn punctures.

So, here you'll find the high quality "hand healthy" tools and gloves that have been endorsed by rose growers and gardeners all over the country.
Bionic Gloves Garden Name Plates/Labels
The rose gauntlet gloves (and other gardening gloves) by Bionic were endorsed by the National Arthritis Foundation. The gauntlets provide comfort and scratchless hands and arms under any thorny situations...roses, bouganvillea, bromeliad, blackberries, and more. Even use them while clearing brush and poison ivy (Wash them after use, of course.)

Save time and effort and reduce your hand pain while wearing any of the Bionic gloves and using the lightweight, ergonomic Barnel pruners with the 2-step lock. Be sure to visit our garden shop to see all the Bionic glove styles, these great pruners and our line of Botanical Garden style plant labels to keep your garden elegantly organized. We are now the exclusive dealer for Bionic Rose gloves as they will no longer be offered directly from Bionic.

If you think all gloves are equal, you need your hands examined. TM

From the makers of the Louisville Slugger and endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation, The Rose Gardener proudly promotes the BIONIC Glove Technology and the ever-expanding Bionic gardening glove line. Designed by a leading orthopedic hand surgeon, these gloves feature multi-layered anatomical relief pads that improve grip strength, enhance dexterity, comfort and control. Read more by clicking on the following topics:
The Rose Gardener assisted in the development by testing BIONIC's rose gloves, then introduced them to the rose-growing public along with its manufacturer BIONIC Technology at the American Rose Society's National Convention.

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