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The Rose Gardener products have been chosen for their high quality and functionality. Our Bionic gloves and Barnel pruners are hand-healthy and comfortable to use or wear. Our Harlane garden labels are unique, long-lasting and professional. Harlane Garden labels are proudly “Made in America.” Please read below for information regarding care and use of all of our products.

Bionic Glove Care

All Bionic gloves can get wet in the garden and will dry soft and supple. All Bionic gloves are machine washable on a gentle cycle with cold water. Lay gloves flat to dry. Do not put your gloves into the dryer. Make sure to machine wash your gloves occasionally to maintain their softness and dexterity.

Barnel High-Tech Pruner Maintenance

Routine maintenance of your high-tech Barnel pruners is easy. Adding oil to your pruners is the most important task you will perform since oiling keeps your pruner running smoothly. This task and a few additional occasional tasks will prolong your pruner’s life for years.

Oiling high-tech pruners:

All high-tech pruners have a center oil bolt that functions as a reservoir for oil. Look for the ball-bearing (silver button) on the back of the center bolt of the pruner. Depress the button with the point of the oil applicator and place several drops of light machine oil into the bolt and you will see the oil drain into the reservoir. If you have not oiled your pruner for a while, you will need to repeat the process to return the pruner to “like-new” cutting.

High-Tech B807 and B808 pruners: “

Squeeze to open” these pruners, and gently squeeze, slide the lock, and release to close them. Oil these pruners as described above. These pruners open a bit wider then the B7s and B8s. The bumper systemm is larger then the B7s and B8s, and a wire cutter is integrated in these pruners. Landscapers prefer this Barnel model. High-Tech B807 and B808 pruners are designed for right and left-handed gardeners.

Sharpening your pruners:

Your high-tech pruners have cold-tempered, steel blades that will probably stay sharp for years. When pruners are in need of sharpening, use the fine edge of a diamond-edge sharpener in small circles along the beveled edge only. Repeat several times. Complete your sharpening with several swipes of the blade from inner corner to the tip of the blade. (Don’t saw back and forth.) Replacement blades are available when you need them. Choose from standard or XL sharpeners.

Barnel’s B307, B337 and B303 high tech pruners have convenient two-position locks:

The vast majority of pruning work is on smaller diameter wood. Why squeeze repeatedly against the spring tension of a one-inch capacity pruner when 70% of the cuts are ½ inch or less? Activated at the flick of the thumb, this innovation enables the user to change the pruner to a smaller cutting capacity, allowing for a narrower hand spread. The relief in hand strain translates into stronger cuts, hour after hour. Individuals with smaller hands find this feature invaluable.

B7 and B8 Pruner manufacturing has been discontinued. We have some new blades, but no new bumpers for replacement: The B7 and B8 pruners have a bumper / shock absorbing system between handles that gets replaced when the original wears down. Since we are out of replacement bumpers, you can go to a hardware store to get a rubber'dowel' the width of your bumper hole (probably in the plumbing section). It will look like a glue stick. You can then cut the rubber stick to the appropriate length to serve as your new shock absorber. If you have pinched your palm when using the pruners without gloves, you will definitely want the new bumper. Remove the old, rubber bumper from the hole just above the spring and replace it with the new bumper.


Replacing the spring on a B7

Remove the bumper (see directions above). Partially close the pruners and push the spring upward until it clicks off the small dowel. Install the new spring, making sure it clicks into place. Reinstall the bumper. We no longer have B8 springs.


Assembling Harlane Garden Labels

Harlane garden labels are shipped in 2 parts.  Follow these directions to attach the labels to the stakes: For easy assembly of your new labels, prep the stake first by placing the lower part of the plate onto the lower prong and flexing it just a little. Remove the plate from the lower prong and place it between the upper two prongs. Push the top arm down, with the label already in place, until the bottom of the label reaches the lower prong. Click your labels onto the lower prong and again between the top prongs. Place your new label in the garden. A copy of these directions is included in your order package.

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