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Rosarian Candy Store Closing

My first blog takes me back about 23 years. That’s how long has been my go-to source for everything roses...chemicals, fertilizers, pHtesters, odd-sized measuring spoons, and even roses for a while. All good things have to end, and Robbie and Logan are retiring and closing up shop. This “Candy Store for Rosarians” had all the newest and best fungicides, miticides, insecticides, Beaty fertilizers like “Mills Magic” and various sticker spreaders like Indicate 5. And, they never charged shipping fees, even for the bulkiest of orders. So if you have never ordered anything from, now is your final

chance to stock your chemical closet with your rose growing needs. Doors close June 23.

Rosemania will be missed, for sure. Most of the products that they carried can be purchased from various other online sites, but having them all listed on one website will be missed, especially the newest products on the market. I have compiled these various companies and will list their websites and products in issue #102 of this newsletter.

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